The Lobby

Once you have logged in, you are transported to the lobby of the convention center. You're orbiting the Earth, and it's a nice view.

Posters on the wall advertise scheduled lobby appearances & provide links to sponsors.
This is the one area which anyone can access. Those who have not paid for a ticket remain as greenies. The center of the lobby has booths which provide information on the schedule and pricing plans.

In the fireground we see one of Vircon's customer service reps. They were Bynars.

Several evenings featured little promotional events and guest appearances. Here, Commodore Satek, a character from Star Trek: The Experience, makes an appearance and answers questions from spectators.

Vir-con events hostess DaboGirl watches at right
During that opportune experience, a Klingon made an appearance as well. Both remained in perfect character as they bickered. It was hard to tell at first whether the Klingon was part of the activity or just a very devout fan.

Klingon Chinjuk engages Commodore Satek in verbal fisticuffs
Entrances were nonfunctional until Convention day. At that time, they opened up into turbolifts, which lead you to a main corridor surrounding the convention locales. There was a clear view of the shuttlecraft flying in orbit with us as Earth rotated beyond.

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