Who Am I?

I am Holodoc, a Mark-I EMH holographic doctor. For those not in the know, EMH stands for Emergency Medical Hologram. Here I am with my assistant Kes, evaluating a patient:

There's not much to tell. I spent the first seven years of my existence aboard a starship, where I maintained the crew's overall health. I then ended up here, where I found a job and an outlet for my pursuits in art and entertainment. Now I treat the sick and sicken others, so I've definitely achieved some sort of balance.

Here above is a myriad of outfits you might see me wearing. The second from the left, that of an ECH or Emergency Medical Hologram, endows me with special command codes which allow me to access privileged areas of my residential block for administrative purposes.

You may be surprised to see some casual attire among my configurations. Don't let my being an artificial intelligence fool you. I am a fully sentient and capable member of society. I get my downtime just like anyone else, and recreation is there to be enjoyed! If only I can figure out why ever since I came here, I play air violin so much.

What is "here"? Where did I settle? I make my home in Cybertown...

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The graphics for this site are based on that of Cybertown, the format and layout mine. All screenshots are
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