Roxann Dawson &
Robert Duncan McNeill

Well, after Nimoy, things couldn't be much worse.

Still, it's kind of sad that these two together couldn't figure out much to do with their time (and to think, stars used to have an hour each to themselves). Their banter was pretty pointless and - for a Voyager fan such as myself - a bit of a letdown.

I gotta give them credit though. Robbie McNeill acknowledged us on his own, well before the Q&A session. The two waved at us.

Their Q&A was tolerable. Or rather, they tolerated it. I really got the feeling they didn't want to be there either. At least not up on the stage. Maybe she wanted to sell more books at her table instead? I dunno. It was all "well Voyager is over so what are we going to talk about?" with that attitude continuing during Q&A, with them skimming over questions put to them.

McNeill played Tom Paris & Dawson played B'Elanna Torres on ST Voyager
About the only thing they were enthusiastic about was raising money for their charity. They auctioned off Voyager production hats to the highest bidders. Could it be that it was their only drive to be there? "I hate these cons, but at least I can raise money for charity" There's something insincere and "dirty money" about that, isn't there?

Auctioning off caps for charity. Lots of rich people travel to Vegas to see two people stutter for 45 minutes.

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