Quark's Bar

Once the convention center opened, Quark's Bar became the main hangout for payees. It is allegedly modeled after Quark's Bar at Star Trek: The Experience. Having never been to the Las Vegas Hilton since the 70's, I couldn't say. It was a great place though.

Bartenders were part of the environment. Here two high paying Borg place an order.
Prior to the convention dates, exclusive events were held for several evenings in Quark's Bar. We got to know eachother as fellow conventioneers, as well as familiarize ourselves with Vir-con's reps, particularly DaboGirl, who hosted the contests and awarded prizes.

This young Borg has obviously had too much to drink.

For payees, this became the default place to go between events to discuss and compare experiences. It was almost like a real con. It was great in that regard. I just wished people didn't look the same due to their limited selection so that I could locate specific people immediately by sight instead of having to refer to which human commander I was supposed to meet back with by looking them up on the name list. And I wish I wasn't some generic Vulcan Engineering ensign. It just wasn't me.

There was another hangout as well. I think it was meant for the highest payees, but I had access. Nobody was there. They were all at Quark's.

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