Leonard Nimoy

Never had I been more disappointed. In all my conventions, I had never EVER seen anyone so disinterested and rude! Not even Nichelle Nichols, who at least witheld her antipathy at bay while on the stage when I saw her in NYC.

Nimoy is no doubt uncomfortable with the reverence and regard some real hardcore fans have for him. But damn! Where was this man's sense of professionalism? He owes each and every one of his fans his good fortune. All the Trek performers do. It is what sets this legacy apart from any other. Did he think "Zombies of the Stratosphere" was going to make him a director, or even get him a stint on Mission Impossible? Waiter: reality check please!

So basically I endured watching a man, who clearly didn't want to be there, do Q&A and insult fans who were in costume. I had seen him in the 1980's and it was nothing like this!

Many fans just wanted to shake his hand; he was visibly uncomfortable with that.
I think the lowest point had to be when the Vir-con rep was up for relaying a question. When she identified herself, Nimoy cut her off with one of those droning "very nice very nice" kind of mutters, and went to the other side of the stage. The questioner there drove him back to the Vir-con rep, who was almost in tears. I'll be she wasn't the only fan that day there. Anyway, unlike every other star who appeared and acknowledged Vir-con's revolutionary involvement, the whole concept escaped Nimoy, who obviously didn't RTFM. So sad.

Then, it came time for him to win a lifetime achievement award. Yes, all this rotten behavior and he was scheduled to receive an award. Go figure the irony.

Walter Koenig says a few words to and about Leonard Nimoy

Nichelle Nichols (aka Uhura) sings a song as Takei, Koenig, & Nimoy watch

William Shatner reads off the plaque before presenting it to Nimoy

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