Kate Mulgrew

Mulgrew made the cost of my Vir-con day worth while. She was absolute gold!

Here was a woman who WANTED to be there! All the glow of love came through the monitor. What a wonderful person Mulgrew is!

She had recently completed her run in Connecticut as Katherine Hepburn (will this ever get to Broadway?), and was busy campaigning with her husband, a politician from Ohio. But I could guess what role she truly misses...

There was a duality to her in that Mulgrew wanted to tell us what it was like and the bond she shared with Captain Janeway, and she choked up in a futile attempt to express this in ways words couldn't suffice. I wanted to cry.

She was sweet with every fan who asked her a question, and fullfilled one's dream of being ordered by Captain Janeway (LOL). The woman was an angel, that's all I could say. I just never knew what she was like at these, and I'm glad I got to see this.

Well yeah, I wish I LITERALLY got to see it...

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