Trek Trivia Party Sat, Nov 9, 2002

Things would have gone smoother had Cybertown not begun partial migration to USA servers. Gwern was unable to pick up the door prizes, and I had to bring on a second ID to acquire them while trying to be civil to arriving participants in another browser window. But we did get the gifts transfered over to Bro and the game commenced in earnest.

Our group was far more diverse this time around, a smattering from an assortment of colonies, new faces mingling with the familiar.

Participants included Waxy, tothill, Eddy, Mikkita, PamD, Chrissy, shine, Veka, SE4guy, TinyT6, Juniper8, Avg_Guy, and Imzadi.

The big winner was Shadowetalia, from the spiritual colony Inner Realms.

Trekkies begin to arrive via the Transporter room. Karin makes a brief
appearance, both as friend and neighborhood sponsor, to wish all well.

Fans converge in the murky Venice simulation on the holodeck (imported wine & cheese in evidence).

Eddy, Mikkita, PamD, me, Waxy, tothill, Veka, Gwern

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