Exploiting Your Grey Matter

You can make a LOT of money by winning a trivia contest. Even if you aren't the big winner, you still stand to get free stuff you can either use or resell.

A trivia event may be funded by a city agency, colony, neighborhood, block, or individual. The grand prize is usually a very nice sum; for a newbie, it can be more money than they'd ever seen at one time before.

Depending on the nature of the trivia contest, you can even look up the answer on the web. It never hurts to have an extra browser window open when the trivia questions are very generic and obscure. Then it's just a matter of who has the better tracking skills.

IK Trivia

A fair form of trivia is the IK Trivia.

"IK" means "I know," and allows anyone who actually knows the answer to buzz in first regardless of their typing skills. The first person to type "IK" gets picked to give the answer. Here is a picture of some of the 3D participants in my first ever Trek Trivia IK Party:

I'm in command uniform back center and my assistant Gwerngwy is second from the right.

As you can see, I've started to give something back by running my own trivia parties. They're now an official block event and co-funded by my neighborhood.

On a sour note, I've been to trivia events both officially and privately run, which failed to award as they should have. Fortunately, this rarely occurs. Just remember your bad experiences and whom to stay clear of.

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