Making Product

Everything used to furnish homes in Cybertown are made by and for citizens. It all comes in through the mall.

For a creator, a deposit is collected when an object is submitted, then comes back in part with a percentage of the sale. Depending on the object and the skill of the creator, this may be the makings of a very lucrative career.

The acquisition of stuff is a very strong attraction in a world where you can get just about anything you wish, from a modular home to the car of your dreams to an historic landmark.

Giving people what they need is very important, and just as important is the availability of a motif which is conducive to one's lifestyle. For example, you'll find many into science fiction and fantasy will own furniture which incorporates a celestial design. You get to know the designers you prefer and the things they offer.

The bottom line is, it might be your neighbor with the beachfront property who's meeting supply and demand.

Yours truly has enjoyed some success selling paintings and illustrations in the mall gallery. Generating a flat object in vrml is challenge enough. I've developed utmost respect for those who create elegant furniture and animated novelties.

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