Spatial Anomalies
Thanksgiving Block Party
Sat Nov 23, 2002

What a time! We must have had about 15-20 people come by. At least, that's about how many Angry Turkey paintings I gave away as door prizes. We met new friends, who joined us in that social staple, the jello pool. I always try to make things happen at my parties instead of people just standing around, staring at eachother's avatars.

Neighborhood Leader Lexa poses with Imzadi, Captain Janeway, me, Gwern, & Tuvok

An early dip in the jello pool. Karin, Gil, & Jash join us.

Shine, Imzadi, Chrissy, Capt Janeway, me, Gwern, Lexa, Tuvok, & Karin. Also present was Cyberlady.

Miles the red dragon lands on the perch besides my African Grey

A contest of AV-ability! Shine, Seven, Eddy, me w/Miles, Gwern, Gil. Maybe next time we'll fill the seats!

More lounging in the jello pool. Whippa & Colony Deputy CEO come to visit! Seven makes everyone jealous by sitting.

Karin enjoying the pizza & cake

Oh no! Miles fell into the lime jello!

Seven introduces Shine & Whippa to my roommate, Wolfie

Thank you all for a great time!

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