Skippy pulls a rabbit out of his hat  
This merry mantis brings the warmth of innocence to all ages with his interactive inventiveness. For a moment in time, you can forget all your troubles; there is only fun.

Most of his trickery come in the form of various avatars, each with an interactive effect or sequence, so basically Skippy IS that ski slope or ferris wheel.

You have to give Skippy credit, and not just for creating these interactive wonders, but for how he cares. Imagine you're a blimp. You must sit absolutely still and allow people to board or disembark, let them look around, order drinks from the penguin tending bar. You cannot walk. When it's time to move, you move slowly, purposefully above the skyline...

That can't be easy. We take it for granted that we run around all over Skippybrand half the time. At least some of the time, he's right there with us.

Everybody likes being shot out of Skippy's cannon.

The magic mantis is doing this for us, and I can only guess that our joy brings him joy in turn. Way to go, Skippy!

"Mantis, Lord of the Rings" by Skippybrand

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