Ski Bunny & Tatooman

Together, these two builders make some marvelous items. Their animations often involve. intricately programmed cycles. Creations made by the duo are so sought after, one might say they are CT's hottest celebrities. When the attendance count surpasses a hundred at the Flea, chances are Ski & Tat are there.

Chiquita bonds with the swans.

They rarely sell these themselves, often giving them away in the Flea Market.

I don't know whether this tropical treehouse went for anything at the time, but you usually can't get it for less than the priciest mansion when you can find it.

Of all their myriad creations, their parrots are unsurpassed. It's no wonder one has to fight tooth and nail to obtain any of these.

African Grey & Pest is a kick. Watch the
parrot dance with glee after pecking
those pestering paws!

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