Poetry Recital Contest Sat, Oct 12, 2002

I really had high hopes for this one. I thought with the façades we wore, people would be more open up to this idea. I had one contestant.

We also had one audience member: Arbo. Firebomber got up to the podium to recite his piece:
Where have all the flowers gone?
by FireBomber

Where have all the flowers gone?
Now that winter's here
My winter started so long ago
Their faces are becoming unclear
But alas, I am happy
Not worrying about my end
For after winter, soon comes spring
And this is my message I send
The flowers keep coming back
They are never away for long
So really don't worry about
Where have all the flowers gone

Arbo & I thought his piece was great, even if Firebomber's was the only poem

I award our deserving scribe 10,000cc's

Many people expressed regrets in not attending and participating after the fact.

I had hopes of reviving it as a monthly event, except now someone in the ePlex has swiped the idea for their own. If people tell me they'd like this traditional format - artistic expression in a an intimate cafe setting - I will resume it.

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