Pre-Halloween Party Sat, Oct 19, 2002

Originally intended to be a Re-Open House for having returned to Voyager block in UFOs, it would be our last evening there as its residents. Alas, once again a system crash claimed many memorable moments I'd captured. Special thanks to Juniper8 for these images.

Captain Janeway, Abby, Cat, Seven, me, McNuggets, Chiquita. Other attendees included Juniper8, Imzadi, Eddy, & more.
It was a lot of fun. I gave away Fraidycat paintings as doorprizes. We also ventured to guess how many could fit in the jello pool at one time. And count on Chiquita to yell "TAG!" and incite a maniacal free-for-all of avs running amok all over the property.

Hosts Seven & Doc

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