Open House Sat, Aug 17, 2002

This was an odd event because during the open house, I got
promoted to Block Leader. Right after the party I had to move.

The guests start to trickle in... LtR: ? Arbo Chiquita Cerf

Zoozee Chiquita

Osgan turns into a Bender Gwern Zoozee Arbo, & Eddy. In the back,
Chiquita & Cerf share an intense conversation with Polly the Parrot.

Chiquita scares Polly off. (pic by Seven)

When the party was over, I moved, after which
there was a second wave of visitors for Pacific Time...

Imzadi comes to visit after the move.

Imzadi & Abby ogle my new aquarium.

At the time, Seven and I shared this house. Eventually, I
passed the furniture on to her to maintain it under her name.

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