Seven's relatives park in my front yard for the holidays.

"We Have No Life"
New Years Eve Bash
Tues Dec 31, 2002

New Years Eve capped a marathon period of work to spruce up PointWorld Neighborhood for 2003 (or 2091, depending upon whose calendar you live by). Having recently been promoted to Neighborhood Deputy, I was part of the rennovation team, and had two new blocks to create message board graphics for. Also, as a gesture of gratitude for offering my friends and me a place we could truly call a home away from home, I offered to make a new hood map to access our blocks.

Virtual World colony, PointWorld hood

Exhausted but pleased, Lexa and I vegged out in the jello pool with our friends. Seven celebrated with us for the east coast New Year, and then left for her real life celebrations. Lexa shared New Year's with her USA boyfriend for that time zone as well, even though it was going on 7am where she lived!

It was a very low key event, and we just chatted in the pool. Sometimes that's all you need to have a good time.

The Borg Queen and Seven hang in the jello pool.

Lexa & Auntie Bee join for an intense discussion about chocolate & cheesecake.

Formative Cause plays it safe & leaves the wasp at home.

Pam didn't feel herself. Somehow I believed her.

Newly Virtmastered Lexa, a total party babe at 7am her time, gets into the champagne and won't come out!

New Years Around Cybertown

Wow! Inner Realms' colony plaza was crowded for twenty-four hours as they rang in each time zone. The Fleabies filled the Flea Market. The City Plaza was busy. The Mall Bums had their countdowns since that afternoon. The inhabitants of CT sure know how to party!

L : The Borg Queen hangs out in City Plaza.   R : Moggie the
mechanical cat and I exchange greetings for the New Year.

Over in Sunset Beach, a couple of folks were having a contest over who could clone themselves the most in a single location.

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