Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

You can't enter Cybertown without stumbling into someone ready to offer you a job. Don't you wish real life were that way? Also, as you navigate Cybertown, your experience rating rises as well, and that too can open up some financial possibilities.

In general, one gets a little something for each day they log on, but with a job title, that number jumps in addition to the weekly salary.

There are essentially three job categories in CT (Please keep in mind that this isn't taken from their official documentation. This is all from observation. If you want official, go check out their help pages):

Club Jobs

The easiest job to obtain - and usually the first for many - is that of Club Assistant. Clubs exist for various reasons, the most common used for events, storage, and sales. Anyone can become a club owner after they've passed 500 experience points. They can have as many as three clubs and hire as many as eight assistants per club. That is, if they don't mind strangers with access to any stuff they put down. If you're going to use it for an attic and store your seasonal items in there, it's not likely you'll be hiring anyone. Experience points jump when you hire someone, and as a club owner you make as much as a Block Leader. You can be a club owner or assistant as many times until the cows come home.

City Jobs

They are the equivalent of varying degrees of moderating on a BBS. You maintain a block, neighborhood, colony, or the city. Each level has its leader and assistants - or tyrant and goons, as the case may be. There's a hierarchy for each colony. People are appointed into these positions, the higher ones never leaving. Is this a good thing? Again that depends on the colony.

Technically, experience points and competency are major factors in assigning people into positions of power. Or should be. Technically, people cannot hold two city jobs at once either, not even under different identities.

The most underestimated yet most essential positions are those of Block Leader and Block Deputy. These people are the heart of the colony, as they set the tone of blocks and are the direct liaison between the government and CT's residents. They have their fingers on the pulse of the community and know which way the proverbial winds blow.

Entertainment Jobs

These are for the city, but one serves to maintain one of the non-governing areas, like Sunset Beach, the Flea Market, the CT Library, E-Plex, and so on. You can work at one of these while holding a city job.

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