Left: Even assistant Kes (my house bot) gets into the spirit. Right: Someone had fun with Photoshop!

Virtual Worlds Party: Mayan Temple
Thurs Oct 31, 2002

Chase the drag queen, Lexa the witch, and Kathryn Janeway as Leeta the Bajoran ponder scaling the temple walls.
Stan Ogden, who's so talented that his neck alone is responsible for some amazing virtual worlds, made a replica of a Mayan Temple. Complete with catacombs and a bottomless pit, this world structure is accessible from a cyberworlds website independent of CT. Once activated, Blaxxun users in the Outer Worlds may see the world listed in their Places tab.

This was the setting for the Virtual Worlds Colony Halloween Party. The Colony Leader welcomed revelers by pushing them into the bottomless pit. So many people came to the event, not only from various colonies in CT via a hyperlink on the colony message board, but also from the other outer worlds linked to Blaxxun's network. It's possible that Stan's neck didn't anticipate over 50 people attempting to exist in his world at once, and the host server wavered several times. After the third crash, I messaged any friends I could find to join me at Photons Be Free...

Halloween Post Party Party

Chiquita and her date came as a couple out of Nightmare Before Xmas. Here, the Pumpkin King
proceeds to dethrone everyone from the jello pool with his flatulence. pic courtesy K. Janeway

Left: Kathryn Janeway & Lexa raid the pizza.   Right: K. Janeway, myself, Kes, & Gwern

Chiquita's monkeyboy date, Kathryn Janeway, me, Kes, Chiquita, Gwern.

Chrissy stops by in her costume as a large, one-eyed serpent. Yikes!

Assim's Ghost stops by. She was her own tombstone. Pic by K. Janeway

Kathryn Janeway and me... as Leeta & Zimmerman from DS9?

Everybody runs when Chase starts
swinging that deadly purse of his.

I had the distinction of being dubbed
the "Bald, naked, spraypainted guy."

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