Chiquita converses with Wolfie, one of Gammy's creations


Gammonbrat is the best character animator of stuff.

An ogre animation doubles as an imposing avatar

Although she claims her skills are self-taught, her finesse with animation is every bit as smooth and realistic as a Disney cartoon.

Petra the Cat takes time out from playing with her ball.

One of her many signature series is that of large, lifelike dragons. Gammonbrat's even programmed some with POV features, such as the Blue Riding Dragon, which takes you around your property on its back.

Left: Hades the Dragon awaits your mouseclick.     Right: The face of a blue Riding Dragon

Gammy is known for many series of characters and creatures.

A cat is badgered by a broom in Wrong Spell

Above all, she has managed to grasp a moment of life and preserve it in an object to be cherished.

A bouncy snowman creates snow in its immediate area.

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