It's more like a city than a town, with a million residents within its limits. Cybertown has its own social structure, governing body with elected officials, commerce, celebrities, scam artists, and events. We work, live in homes, buy stuff to put in them, and invite people over for parties.

The residential area is divided into colonies according to general pursuits. Within you'll find a myriad of neighborhoods zeroing in closer to a genre, each with several blocks of specific interests. These blocks vary in appearance according to their colony:

Likewise, each colony has its own welcome plaza, where its denizens touch base for a friendly chat and welcome new immigrants. The colony's plazas themselves vary in appearance. For example, the spiritual colony Inner Realms features a forest grove. Here I am, approaching my colony's welcome plaza:

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The graphics for this site are based on that of Cybertown, the format and layout mine. All screenshots are
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