CT Friends Holiday Party
Fri Nov 20, 2002

We had a great turn out, and I made a lot of people happy by giving away many of my paintings (which is why I make them in the first place). We even beat our record of six people on the row of party chairs from Thanksgiving.

Although this party was dedicated to those acquaintances who would not be continuing once Cybertown went subscription, all the attendees were future sponsors and payees.

Guests begin to trickle in. Jail Trivia rival PamD is resplendant
in her Klingon finery, while Karin sports a new holiday dress.

Two Neighborhood Leaders: Lexa and Auntie Bee post at the dept. store Santa display. Kes looks appropriately elfish.

Getting into position for the evening's first group shot

Cat, Waxy, PamD, Seven, me, Lexa, Pesky (in the sleigh), Karin, Auntie Bee

Jello Pool Jam. Auntie and Karin compare dressmakers

Waxy doesn't appear to be pondering his conflict with Shinzon, does he?

Gwern arrives at the party. Attendees anxiously cleared out.
Of course it was the Klingon way to say "Happy Holidays!"

We did it! All eight seats are taken!

Lexa, Seven, me, Cat, Auntie Bee, Karin, Gwern, Pesky (as a human)

Auntie's cyberphotog friend Ms. Tycoon stops by. Everybody back on the chairs!

Second wind: Chase and Dapper Doll pop on by

"What a great place for a fashion shoot!" though Ms. Tycoon

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