Hawk's Speech
Sun Nov 17, 2002

When founder Hawk has something to say, we usually listen. With the new servers in place, citizens entered any number of rooms in City Hall rather than a single one where they could face an iminent crash. There, a lone avatar walked to the center of the amphetheatrical stage and explained CT's change of status into a subscription site by January 2003. Fearless Leader's speech may be read here.

After he said his piece, Hawk had the brilliant idea of inviting everyone to his house. About 160ish people arrived at his front door of the unstable seaside mansion property, promptly causing him to crash.

This is Hawk, owner and co-founder of CT.

A friend still living in Sci-Fi Colony remarked that he'd pay extra if some people didn't continue in January. Ha Ha Ha! What a coincidence...

The next day, some Spatially Anomalous residents meet to discuss Hawk's speech.

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