BL/BD Appreciation Day
Sun Dec 1, 2002

It was some event! The hard working block leaders and deputies had their moment in the black sun. I had 15 minutes of fame for the week, having been interviewed for Cybertown News for Thanksgiving weekend, and being called on by Mayor Secretary Lanneret to make a speech! It was my first real moment of public speaking - aside from all the speaking I normally do in public - so I was nervous and concerned about being boring or too preachy.

For Block Leaders and Block Deputies, today is our moment in the spotlight. To those who want to make a difference in CT, these are the best jobs, because you work in the heart of the community. Blocks are where the action is, where the people are.

Everyone in CT needs a place to live. We give them a place worth settling in: a reason to read the block MB, to congratulate neighbors for milestones while looking forward to their own, to wish them well for their cultural holiday, or just getting to know who else lives on the map with them.

Our jobs go beyond the report form. It's about neighbors and friendship, about living together in a place where we share a common interest. When we use that interest as a bridge between our varied origins, the block flourishes. The Block Leaders and their Deputies are the ones who make this possible by keeping the blocks fresh with active residents and engaging them in activities.

Who are our residents? Other than those we brough to Cybertown, we don't always know. They each have their story just as we have ours. Cybertown may be all they have. That isn't something to put down, because we don't know the circumstances. They could have been victims of a crime, they could have been abused, they could be disabled, they could be just shy. Cybertown offers them hope, and we offer them a place to live which is comfortable and fun, and which may help them with whatever they are going through. Each one of us are a key to that hope.

So you see, it IS more than just a job to be a BL or BD

Come January, our role may be more integral, as everything will be of value. But no more than the value one gets from their experience in Cybertown. It starts with where they live, and our commitments to it.

Last but not least, I was approached by my Neighborhood Deputy a couple of weeks back, who thanked me for getting my block report in on time. I told him I was simply doing my job. The fact is, I am the only BL among about three or four blocks he manages. So many NL's and ND's are doing their work as well as the work of multiple BL's. Come January, it will be even more so. There are blocks who need BL's and BD's more than ever. Then the Neighborhood staff will have the time to support you and help coordinate events which will attract more residents. It's a good cycle all around when we do our part. If you thought a BL or BD position wasn't important, please reconsider and look into applying for one. Be a part of the city's foundation and strengthen it.

Thank you CT and peoples, and congrats to all the BD's and BL's!

But I survived, as did the others who spoke as representatives of their colony. The only colony which was not represented was Sci-Fi. Big surprise there.

Seven, who usually joins me in the evenings, set aside this special Sunday afternoon to share with me. It was her first experience at a CT public event, and she was amazed by the large number of attendees (over 150 people heard me speak. Ack!). She had never seen so many avatars in one place before!

Seven & I enter the Fun Park together & catch up with Gil, who had just been promoted to Block Leader

The Fun Park

Hey look! It's Whippa!

One of many Cybertown employees honored this day.

Katzeyes is on hand to wish the BL's and BD's well.

Hanging out with fellow residents of Point World neighborhood

5of12 (aka Axum) hovers over Seven. Hey that's MY girl!

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