Sci Fi Colony Meeting &
Subsequent Mass Exodus
beg. Fri Oct 18, 2002

Captain Janeway & I wait for the meeting to start

What has to have been a moment of allegiance and cameraderie quickly became one of the darkest moments in all my experiences in Cybertown.

We were asked by the colony leader to attend an important meeting. People with pride in their hearts rearranged their real life plans (which included leaving work early, Europeans sleeping the evening to reawaken at 7pm EDT US, postponing dates, etc) because the colony meant that much to us, and we wanted to show our dedication.

We were duped into waiting for a dinner theatre type whodunit to commence. A betrayal of our hard work was met with utter anipathy; the game they planned was obviously more important. Abuses of colony level privileges caused an innocent acquaintance to be banned and jailed, and Arbo and I worked to get her released. Within the hour, several people resigned their positions and moved to other parts of Cybertown.

That evening, several residents of my block met with me to discuss the incident. It was decided that we would wait and see whether any true expressions of remorse would be forthcoming, and actions taken against those involved if there were not. If we moved, we'd move together. By Saturday morning we had our answer; the overall attitude was "stop whining, we're busy playing a game." I spent a day I otherwise would have used for R/L duties searching all over CT and interviewing CD's and NL's for a new place to settle.

This was especially difficult for me because I had finally returned to a block I should never have been assigned away from back when I became BL (long, stupid story) and I had been back for only a week when this sorry set of events occurred.

That night we held a party which had previously been designated a "Re-Open House." History repeated itself, for during the party I received word that an application had been accepted. That night, most of us moved. By Tuesday morning, no one was left. The block we had lived in, the block I loved so very much, was empty. It is not confirmed, but I understand around 200 people left Sci-Fi Colony from this.

They are still oblivious to the pain they caused so many people, or that they even did anything wrong. Would you believe I've since been harrassed by a Sci-Fi colony deputy? I've also received threats of blackmail by another in my inbox. After these occurrences, I asked around and learned that I am not the only one who has been terrorized by SF's upper management. They have absolutely no soul. I can only pity such people for what they're headed for.

Arbo's words on the incident were exactly how I felt and are reflected in the image below. I still shake my head over how such a dream was ripped from so many people so ruthlessly.

"...I have watched Star Trek, from my early days, I have always had a passion for the programs, and I can
tell you that last night on CT was both one of the best, & the worst. I felt such affinity with you & Janeway,
all stood representing different Voyager figures, it was such a warm, happy moment for a long term Trek fan.
I feel totaly empty now..."

Someday an entirely new generation will be in charge of the colony, just as with most colonies. May they remember this day and what occurred, and the subsequent actions of their predecessors. Hopefully they will practice more consideration for those who work under them to make the colony an ideal place, and not try to run from responsibility by shifting blame or sweep away the results of their errors with threats or bans. I share this sentiment with many who remain scattered throughout Cybertown. The process is already occurring...

As for me, this was a pivotal point in my Life in Cybertown. I would travel many colonies and as a result, and become enriched by the diversity of virtual city life and its various positions of management first hand.

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