The Odyssey Renames 2 Blocks
Fri May 2, 2003

Two blocks in our hood were due for a change. Although the moon is closer to us, nobody wants to colonize there, so Lunar Colonization was a moot concept. With the VentureStar as its own block, having one named for an improved model (X34 Pathfinder) was redundant. Not only that, the project after which both were named had been canned, rendering the appeal for the block obsolete. Thus designating VentureStar as a homage to all projects of its kind and changing the theme of Pathfinder altogether was only logical. As "Deep Ocean Exploration" was in our hood description, it made sense we would name something for it.

Toryn & I in our official hood T-shirts host trivia about the new block themes

We met again at the less laggy party annex, where I relocated a table of pizza and my jello pool for the event. So many friends and acquaintances came and went, there are too many to mention in their entirety. CT Technician CoolKama and IVN rep Lindsey were a nice surprise, only Cool's av was too short and he was submerged in jello (yikes!). The BorgQueen came as well and gifted me with Assimilation Cuffs (Is this a good thing?).

Partying to the sound of the waves: Shine (out of range & playing guitar, Bro in her new av I made for her,
myself, Angel, Jane (I think) in an alter ego, Toryn, Alcyone BD Dat, Seven in her Borg Collective T-shirt.

A nuisance came to the party and had the nerve to try and bribe me to move the party to his house. He had enough sense to leave when asked, then the party commenced in earnest with the following toast by yours truly:

Tonight, our hood celebrates updating two blocks to bring the dream of Hi-Tek's founders closer.

We realize people are looking beyond the moon to mars for our past and our future, and have changed our block here to Mars Colonization to bring awareness of mankind's legacy.

We've also added Alcyone, which is named for one of Jacques Cousteau's fleet of space-aged ships, With that, cures and more alternatives for our future are being explored.

Heres to our legacy, and here's to our future!

Trivia with questions provided by Toryn (Block Leader of VentureStar & a former UFO's comrade) stumped many, many more, and flooded everyone when they required a number answer. *hehe*

Trivia afoot! Bro (Block Leader of Mars Colonization), me, Pete the EMH, Seven, Toryn (partially hidden), Athena, Dat

I gave away many of my pics and slipped a great painting by artist Wile1 of an Old West saloon to Seven, along with an IOU for future rennovations on her home. The big winner of the evening was Shine. It's so great now just to open the bank in a second window and transfer awards ;)

As you know, my parties aren't JUST for the prizes, and we hung out for quite a while and had fun as people came and went.

Thank you everyone who came and joined in the fun! And thanks to those who wished me a Happy Birthday and gave me presents. Cytonians are the best!

Following the party, I took Bro on a tour of the mall shops to check out the new Zoozee furniture. She agreed they would go very well in her home. That done, I went back to my home for a good night's session of cognitive projection.

Best friends Jane & Athena flank Toryn & Shine.

Shmoozing: Seven, Manhunter, me, Shine, Jane, Athena, Toryn.

Auntie arrives for a dip in her new party dress.

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