Seahorsie Memorial &
Gala Art Opening
Thurs July 3, 2003

I knew the moment I first saw The Atlantean way back on Morning.Star's website that it would make a perfect gallery. I walked through it and imagined my art on its walls below sea level. The upper level with its breathtaking panoramic view of the terrain would make a perfect lounge for chat. Total class act. I remember the amusement of walking into an outer room in the seapod section and beholding a window crowded with passing seahorses, running outside to run with them. Yeah I'm a sap.

When Cybertown debut its Designer Homes area and the opportunity for world builders to upload properties for our use, 'Star had a number of them ready for adaptation.

Unfortunately, the Atlantean came at a price. For some reason (I suspect due to videocard) the seahorsies didn't load for many people in his portfolio version. That and file size limitations caused 'Star to cut some corners, and the result was a tank of them in one room of the house. Ouch.

The first thing most people said upon entering the room was that they were dead, hence my brine references since the property's release. That and the loss of one of the more charming aspects of the property (necessary or no) moved me into action. Hence this event came to be.

Up: Chiquita & I confer with 'Star

Right: art giveaway for the event
"Fury of the Sea"          

To my knowledge, there's never been performance art done in Cybertown. In fellow artist Morning.Star I found a good sport willing to participate in a memorial service and be the guest eulogist. The plan was under way!

Guests begin to arrive. Above: Chiquita, Lexa, Seven, me, Gwern, Sinamon, Waxy.
Below with Shine; Waxy begins to get emotional

It was a very moving ceremony, and we were afraid that Waxy would really lose it.

Morning.Star arrives to give the eulogy, then bows in respect.

Something good came of this event. Not just bringing people together for something a little different. It got both me and 'Star creating. He created a Seahorsie Roundabout in my honor for people to take with them and news of clear dividers with the seahorsies on them which people can use in rooms or place outside the windows.

View the Logs Here

Once the service was over, we got together for some group shots of the 3D attendees...

Posing before Morning.Star L to R: Orion beauty Toryn, former boss Lexa of PointWorld,
current boss Lady Silver Splash, Seven, me, Waxy, QRisa, & Gwern. Where's Chiquita?

We heard calls for help and found Chiquita had managed to wedge herself between two exhibit rooms!

The group broke up, some leaving, some sticking around to check out the exhibits, some to chat. A second wave of people showed up to pay homage and receive free roundabouts and art...

The second wave: Athena, Chiquita (trying not to be seen), Auntie, Ambassador Pam, & Jane

At some point Chiquita lost it entirely and blubbered against the tank of brine

As one might expect, she fell in. Seven and I changed into our superhero outfits and a bunch joined in to rescue her. It was actually quite nice in there...

Things under control once again with Chiquita rescued,
I enjoy a chat with Auntie by a painting of Hawk

It was late when we heard that several friends had gone to a birthday party for a good acquaintance Terr. So again many parted ways and some of us went to the party to wish her well. All in all a busy night which ended all right!

I ran into one unexpected situation while planning the event. Not being used to a neighborhood that DID anything, apparently I'd scheduled opposite a triva contest. After some discussion we were good to go. Personally I wasn't too concerned about there being a conflict of interest. I usually attract a different crowd. With the exception of Trek trivia, most of my friends don't attend trivia events; they're never in evidence when I appear at one. Of the two exceptions, one arrived long after the memorial service was done and one was at Terr's.

Hitting another party to wish Terr happy birthday!

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