I'm flaunting the official T-Shirt of The Odyssey Neighborhood; Borg7 looks on.

Hi-Tek Night of Mystery
Sat Apr 26, 2003

The Starport hosted a hunt for the person who stole Borg7's plane tickets to DisneyWorld.

Other Neighborhood Leaders of the colony
came out to support Borg7 in her dilemma.
LtR: Balorra, tinas, Borg7

The event opened up with Trivia.

tinas (in human form), BorgQueen, Pete the EMH, me, Borg7, fellow Odyssite Dat

The clues which had been plastered all over the colony were reviewed, and Karin was chased through the neighborhoods.

We knew the BorgQueen didn't do it.

Following the hunt, an auction was held to raise money for Hi-Tek events (none of which I'll ever see for our official functions *shrug*)

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