Walking in single file & trying not to step on Gammonbrat

Cybertown Special Eggstravaganza
Sat Apr 19, 2003

Take an egg template from Phillip Hansel, assign an original wallpaper with VRMLpad scanned from a drawing and colored in photoshop, and voila! Instant wearable Easter egg.

I'm with Starshyne, who cracked open to reveal celestial yolk and jellybeans. Mina moons us.

We filed in single file as best we could, in front of icyty, who was a cute little pink bunny (quite a departure for her).

Waxy is the one with legs beside me in the pic. Further back you can see icyty. As mentioned previously, Gammonbrat
is the fried egg. Gammy also dropped new merch in the mall later as the egg while her real life husband stepped around her.

We lumbered all over the city plaza. Sometimes the bunny lost its way and doublebacked. Hehehe. It was some sight.

Where did the bunny go? Traffic jam!

We ended on the grass while the hosts walked around and judged the eggs.

A legged egg looks for a spot.

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