Me, Seven, & Bro arrive at Auntie's. Dapper is checking out the spread.

Birthday Bash @ Auntie's
for Holodoc & EGM
Sat May 3, 2003

A night off for me as Auntie hosted a party to celebrate a double birthday: Me and EGM (whose was actually in April while mine was a day earlier. Hey, never too late to celebrate!). Food, friends, and fun were in abundance.

Birthday Boys: Holodoc & EGM

A lot of people came by, and many were generous with presents (including another yacht!). One even sent me money to get anything I want with it - lol shades of real life, huh?

Auntie decorated the rooms real nice, including two with Thomas Kinkade images for wallpaper. But I gravitated (or dogpaddled) to the central room of her tubehome, which was a pier of boats. Me and Seven caught a big one while answering CT Word Scrambles.

Look, Seven! I caught a whopper!

As this took place in my former colony of residence, Virtual Worlds, this afforded me the opportunity to hang out with my old neighbors. Representatives of VW from block to colony were there (including my former boss Lexa, newly immigrated from Eastern Europe), plus my Plaza & Odyssey buddies; it's always fun to be with friends, no matter where you are.

Despite an early snert which security chased down and a nuisance who crashed the party and wouldn't leave, we had a really great time!

Thanks Auntie!

Ahoy Mateys! A veritable who's who overboard during Auntie's trivia.

Up: zoozee in spectra purple

Left: TezRat

Auntie checks on our progress and is agog by the catch.

Too much partying? Dapper passes out. Me & BrattierMouse rush to her aid.

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