SURPRISE! A disoriented Seven arrives at the party. Right: the other Birthday Girl waits patiently.

Birthday Bash @ Auntie's
for Seven & DreamyEyes
Sat Apr 26, 2003

Auntie's club was the place for a dual birthday party in honor of Seven and DreamyEyes. After much confusion and tech problems, I managed to get Seven to Auntie's club.

Seven is stunned. I'm suave in my new avatar (it's my no-autographs-I-need-to-catch-a-flight-to-the-coast look).
Present are Auntie, Lion King & Zoozee (by the sushi table), & fashion photog Ms Tycoon.

Once there and conscious of the dress code, Seven made a quick change.

Caught in uniform, Seven makes a quick change.

Despite an unusually turbulent night on the Internet, Seven managed to stay on at any given time long enough to receive gifts from guests and join in for pics. It was an elegant evening. Thanks, Auntie!

Photog Ms Tycoon & host Auntie

PointWorld Alma Mater: PW Neighborhood Leader Lexa poses with her former residents.

Lexa, Seven, me, Dapper, Auntie

Auntie, me, Seven, Drako (on the bar), Dapper, Icyty

Auntie, Drako, Seven, me, Dapper, Icyty, DreamyEyes

Seven, me, Icyty, Auntie (tending bar), Dapper, DreamyEyes

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